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Brilliant Technologies your Business Improvement Specialists.

Since 1984 we have helped many businesses prepare for and manage their computer systems, networks, photocopiers, network security & the ever increasing need for data storage.

We now have over 25 staff spread across six departments ready to assist with specialisation in Managed Technology services for Cairns and across North Queensland.

You know your business best so we like to ask ‘how can we help you’ right from the start, this allows us to work with you to get ready for the next stage of your business.

In Cairns, Brilliant Technology can help you streamline your office printing with a Managed Print Solution.  This will allow you to consolidate your print devices, reduce your print costs while also reducing your waste so great for the environment.

Our Managed Network Services package offering begins with a consultation to assess where you are and where you want your computer network to be to allow you to grow your business.  We can help with mobile access to data, cyber security, data backup right through to Microsoft Office licences.

  • consultancy and advice,
  • network design and implementation,
  • hardware, software & Networks
  • installation and configuration,
  • optimisation of system performance,
  • photocopier and print advice,
  • maintenance and servicing,
  • large format printers,
  • repairs and upgrades,
  • managed print services.

Out company has developed significant expertise and experience and we pride our self on being able to provide tailored Managed IT solutions for each of our business partners.

Together with our well recognised and industry leaders in technology such as Apple, Acer, Canon, Lenovo, OKI and Toshiba, Brilliant Technologies in Cairns is your preferred technology partner.

Industries We Service


With technology changing and farming getting more computerised, it’s important that your technology be able to offer you not only the latest equipment and quality control, but new techniques and solutions that are at the forefront of business change.  Brilliant Technologies together with Acer,

we’ve got your computer needs covered.  Brilliant and Canon, we’ve got your document management and print solutions covered.  Brilliant Technologies provides prompt, consistent, professional and friendly service that can assist your business with the constantly changing business environment.


The education landscape is quickly changing, cutting edge technology, wifi networks, BYOD computer choices and online learning are just the start for the schooling environments of today.

Brilliant Technologies in Cairns, partnering with industry educational leaders are helping Cairns schools not only keep up with today, we are helping them prepare for what may come tomorrow.  We work closely with computer, print & cloud specialists to provide the necessary framework for education providers to be ready for the inevitable new world of education in Cairns

Engineering & Construction

Detail and accuracy are paramount in the construction, engineering and architecture fields which explains why so many companies partner with Brilliant Technologies for both print & technology in their workplaces. Photocopies and large format printers from Canon and Oce plus Acer servers & Microsoft cloud solutions for the smooth running of the business from anywhere. Canon and Oce are the leaders in their market, they are bullet proof in design and technologically advanced, delivering superb fine line rendering, blistering speed and amazing colour.


Brilliant Technologies delivers innovative business and technology solutions that enable agility while managing cost for business operations both on and off shore. Helping you supply todays customers while planning for tomorrow.

Financial Services

Used effectively, a mobile workforce will increase staff productivity and deliver superior Customer conversations. Our solutions can streamline your Business to make the most of your resources. Talk to us about how to get there sooner.


Printed information is mission critical to any Government department so a reliable print technology is an essential tool in their day to day running. Production of paperwork in a timely manner is vital to reporting and management efficiencies in any office but even more so for an official situation .  Brilliant Technologies have a long history of providing Canon print and document solutions into this market and will continue to do so into the future.


Healthcare providers need to achieve clinical and operational benefits as well as balance their IT budgets while driving technological innovation. Contact Brilliant Technologies and ask how we can help you maximize the value of eHealth investments and enable staff to focus on clinical and operational innovation.


The easy integration of Canon MFDs into practice management software makes Canon photocopiers from Brilliant Technology an easy choice.  The strict deadlines that legal practices work to mean reliability and on time service capability are essential. Document imaging and scanning into client folders with OCR identifying documents by matter numbers using text, barcode recognition or even freehand means no documents are misplaced. This also ensures accurate client billing for all print output. Maximum uptime and expert technical service coupled with ease of integration place Canon and Brilliant Technologies ahead of the game.

Local Councils

Councils all over Australia face the dual challenge of raising productivity and profitability while reducing their overall running cost. Brilliant Technology solutions from Acer, Toshiba, Canon and Microsoft together with our team of engineers and experienced support staff can provide what is needed for the right price.

Plan Printing

With technology changing by the minute, it’s important that a printer be able to offer you not only the latest equipment and quality control, but new techniques and solutions that others just can’t begin to do. Expand the possibilities for your print site, with a Canon or Oce Large Format Printer. User-friendly technology makes printing over-sized documents fast and easy.  Brilliant Technologies together with Canon IPF wide format ink printers and Oce large format printers, we’ve got you covered.

Real Estate

Some of the most recognisable household names in real estate trust Brilliant Technologies and Canon to deliver outstanding documents to showcase your home.  In the demanding world of real estate, quality images that really sell are vitally important in creating a lasting positive impression of a property long after the open for inspection. That is why Canon multi-function devices from Brilliant Technologies are the first choice for real estate champions.


Businesses now face a profoundly changing market. Consumer values have shifted changing the way sales are being made as compared to the traditional market place. To connect with consumers in this complex environment, businesses need to tweak their business structure to be able to keep up with the changing times and technology.  Brilliant Technologies can help you plan, finance & implement a networked system to achieve your needs, security & ease of operations to let you get on with doing what you know best, to run your business.


Brilliant Technologies provides prompt, consistent, professional and friendly service that can assist your business with the constantly changing business environment.  We can assist you compete more effectively in the global marketplace and create a more agile operations with our range of industry-leading solutions.