What is Managed Print Services?

Why buy the copiers when all you want is print & copies?

Managed Print Services (MPS) is the supply and management of office photocopiers and printers, with 1 monthly bill.  It will standardise the print fleet, reduce costs, create standard document management solutions and can provide secure Mobile device printing.   An MPS should be designed to optimse processes and workflows along with managing your print fleet while meeting the information challenges of today and beyond.

 How much is print costing your business

  • How many printers are in your business?
  • Do you have access to the latest print technology?
  • How many different consumables have you paid for?
  • How many pages get left on the copier?
  • What does each printer cost to run?
  • What is your print budget?

What are the benefits of Managed Print Services

  • reduce printing costs,
  • no need for print consumables,
  • new print technology,
  • become greener,
  • one bill each month,
  • secure print from mobile,
  • improved printing workflows,
  • document management processes,
  • data security.

We invite you to engage our business sales team to achieve a cost effective Print Management Solution for you right here in Cairns.

Can only large business’ benefit from a Managed Print Service?

You don’t have to be a large business to gain savings of up to 20% with a Brilliant MPS.  Any size business can benefit from an optimised print fleet, document management processes, mobile printing and a known monthly cost.

Trying to stay ahead of your print costs, document management and security is a big drain on time and money for any sized business.

We even have software solutions that allow slow paper-based processes to become automated digital ones.  Canon products such as Uniflow, Therefore & Iris have become widely used in companies around the world.

So you want an MPS, what happens next?

Our Brilliant team will look at your company print infrastructure, evaluate your processes and look at your company document management policies.

Then we work with your team to plan an MPS strategy to capture, digitise, store, manage and print more efficiently in your system while maintaining a secure technology environment.

Our Brilliant team will oversee the implementation of the MPS, including new photocopiers and printers, train your staff to allow and help your company to keep monitoring your print usage for ongoing process improvement suggestions.

Brilliant Technologies is an Authorised Canon Photocopier dealer

How can a Managed Print Solution help you reduce costs?