Business IT Support for Cairns - Implement, Manage and Leverage Technology

Brilliant Technologies are Business Improvement Specialists! Through the intelligent use of Technology our team of professional computer engineers has, since 1984, helped many businesses prepare for and manage their computer systems, networks, photocopiers, network security & the ever increasing need for data storage. We now have a staff of thirty people spread across six departments ready to assist with specialisation in Managed Technology services for Cairns and across North Queensland.

In this time the company has developed significant expertise and experience and prides itself on being able to provide tailored Managed IT solutions for each business partner.

Our customers can utiliIse the services of Brilliant Technologies for all areas of their computers, network, photocopier, print & internet security requirements

  • consultancy and advice,
  • network design and implementation,
  • hardware and software supply,
  • installation and configuration,
  • optimisation of system performance
  • maintenance and servicing,
  • repairs and upgrades,
  • monitoring and managed services.

Suppliers have been chosen that meet Brilliant’s standards for quality and reliability.

Hardware – Acer, Lenovo, HP, Leader & Toshiba computers, along with the Canon range of printers, photocopiers and data projectors have been chosen as partners for Brilliant Technologies which we sell and service right here in Cairns.

Software – Award winning accounting software from Attaché, Sophos Internet Security and a full suite of Microsoft application software such as Office 365  are sold and supported by our fully trained Technologists.

Choosing our suppliers carefully allows us to gain intimate product knowledge which produces timely and effective support for our clients. A full compliment of networking and peripheral devices are utilised to offer fully functional systems.

Brilliant Technologies offers Managed Network Solutions.

Brilliant Technologies offers Managed Print Services.

Brilliant Technologies is an Authorised Canon Photocopier Dealer.

Brilliant Technologies is an Apple Authorised Service Provider

Smarter Business Print and Computer Solutions

Managed IT

A managed network allows an organization to source the infrastructure, software and technical support services essential to operate and manage an IP-based communication network. Managed networks may provide hardware infrastructure resources such as servers, routers and switches, as well as operating system and firewall software to run and secure the backend infrastructure and the data stored over it. The whole system is entirely monitored and maintained by the service provider.

Managed networks may include solutions and services such as managed LAN, managed WAN, a managed gateway, managed wireless networks and other automated network support services.

Call Brilliant Technologies for more information on our Managed Network Solutions

Managed Print

A Managed Rint Solution will enable greater value from your imaging and printing environment. Access to the latest technology and boosted productivity through security, mobile printing, and intelligent workflows will help your company capitalise on innovation while helping to drive greater TCO.

Brilliant Technologies can help your business make the change & take control of your print costs.

Cyber Security

Why do we need cyber security? There are a number of reasons. The cyber community changes at an unbelievable pace and unfortunately, along with these changes are equally unbelievable threats. The nature of the Internet as a tool for communication and education has been used and misused for personal gain, which resulted in cyber attacks and unprecedented rise in cyber crime rates. These rates are expected to increase more rapidly in the coming years if cyber security is not put in place.

Document Management

Discover how to reduce operational costs, increase workflow efficiencies and gain better control of document management processes in your business.

Document Management can be used in many areas of your business, from scanning to email, accounting OCR software and PDF editing.

Call Brilliant Technologies and ask how Document Management software can make your business easier.

Network Monitoritng

Let us watch your Network and important infrastructure so you can get on and watch more important things.

We will alert you at the first sign of trouble like slow  response times, an overwhelmed system or a failing component,  well before they can cause a system crash.

Our dedicated staff are there keeping an eye on your network so you can get on with what you do best, your business.

Digital Signage

So you want to let people know what you do, what you sell or simply where you are.  You make a sign.

A sign is great for a while, what if you are out of stock, your prices change or you want to update some other information?

Digital Signage could be your answer, it is as easy as updating a word document and right away – your sign has changed!

Brilliant Technologies has a range of Digital Signage options available at our showroom at 151 Mulgrave Road, Cairns.

Comms Network

Communication Networks such as Lan & Wan are employed to connect computers over large areas using technology such as cable, fibre, microwave radio links or even satellites.

Brilliant Technology has designed and currently service communication networks across caravan parks, hotels and large campus businesses.

If you net to network your staff over a large or difficult area call Brilliant Technologies and discuss your needs.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions is a great way to access your data from anywhere, you no longer have to take everything on a memory stick and hope it works.  As long as you have an internet connection you just log in and continue as though you are at home on your own computer.

This doesn’t sound new?  No that is correct, we have been accessing cloud computing for quite a while now but it wasn’t called a Cloud Solution back then. Gmail is a great early use of cloud or internet-based computing.

Brilliant Technologies can help you assess your data and provide options of Cloud Solutions to suit your company.

User Management

Got a new staff member starting?  Do they need access to specific servers or databases?  Who creates their login and User ID’s? What is your password protocol?  Do you have to do this every time staff changes?

With ransomeware trying to get your data anyway they can it is important to have your network users set up properly to minimise the risks.

Brilliant Technologies can help you map your staff network access protocols, standardise your User Setups and make getting the right staff one step easier.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery starts with recognising that a disaster may happen, recovery from hardware failure, malware, human error or hacking needs to be planned for.

The team at Brilliant Technologies can talk you through the ways a disaster might be averted right through to recovery if something happens.  Offsite back ups, strict user access rights, company download policies, program updates are just some of the things to be considered in your disaster recovery plan.

Call us to make an appointment on 07 4052 5900