Ransomeware – no longer just a problem for businesses

Ransomware such as CryptoLocker was once only targeting businesses, locking up their data and asking big money to decrypt their files – that is not the case anymore.

Home users are now just as likely to be the target of Ransomware cyber criminals.

You might ask “What have I got that they want?”  What if you could no longer get to your photos? emails? music?

After infiltration and infection, sometimes via an email or downloads, they demand payment of a ransom in order to unlock your computer and decrypt the files.

Bitcoin is a common payment method and with one Bitcoin worth over $800 AUS it can be very expensive!

Prevention is your best Defense!!

Make sure your software updates are done, don’t open emails or attachments from unknown sources and backup your computer regularly to an external hard drive.

Brilliant Technologies can help you check your PC, set up back ups and restore backups if infected.  See us at 147-149 Mulgrave Road, Cairns