Cairns Computer Repair Center

Brilliant Technologies in Cairns is your local computer repair company with a large dedicated service workshop with qualified technologist to service, upgrade or give advice on your computer.

Our range of technology sales and service covers Gaming  Computers, laptops, 2-in-1 notebooks, tablets, servers, monitors, networks, wireless, WI-FI, Thin Clients, Switches, UPS backup & power protection.

Our Computer Service centre is located at149 Mulgrave Road just past the showground where you can conveniently park out the front and bring your computer in for a check up.

We are authorised warranty agents for Acer, Lenovo, HP, Leader and Asus

Leader Computers - Warranty agent

Authorised Leader Warranty Repair Centre

Over the years, Leader has grown to be one of the largest Australian owned PC manufacturersby providing a wide range of custom built Desktops, laptops and servers. Since their founding over 32 years ago, Leader’s quality of build and support has helped this small company to become an industry leader. As your local authorised reseller and warranty repair centre for Leader, Brilliant Technologies can provide a complete sales and service solution when you purchase your new, australian owned, Leader branded PC. Giving you a hassle free experience as well as peace of mind when buying a new computer.

Virus Removal

If you think your Mac or PC has a virus, or is performing in an unusual manner with random popups, then Brilliant Technologies experienced service technicians who are qualified by a variety of vendors can help! Our store located at 147 Mulgrave Road in Cairns have the facilities to complete a full assessment of your device and, if viruses or threats are detected, we possess the right tools to completely remove suspicious or dangerous files and clean-up any unwanted extras that persistently appear.

General Repairs & Annual Check Ups

Computers require regular maintenance to ensure they are performing at their very best. Without a regular checkup, your computer could end up running slow, have glitches and possibly have an underlying issue that could cause major problems.

At Brilliant Technologies we have the right tools to perform any computer services and repairs on all Windows and Mac computers to ensure it is running at its absolute best.

Cyber Security

We partner with world leaders in cyber security such as Sophos and Trend Micro Security.

In the last 6 months Australians have clicked on more than 24 million malicious URLs, 1 in 5 have had bank or credit card details stolen & ransomware is now a major threat to individuals as wells as businesses.

We can provide practical short- and long-term steps that you and your business should take to protect against them.

Disaster Recovery

What would you do if your house or office caught fire & your computer or server was destroyed?  Or a natural disaster struck or something as simple as your computer hard drive failed?

A Disaster recovery plan can be as simple as backing up your computer to an external hard drive or cloud based storage, having off site back ups or right trough to a combination approach to cover multi site offices.

At Brilliant Technologies we can talk with you and work out a solution that fits a through to implementing the whole system for you.