Computer, Network, Server, Photocopier or Software, Brilliant Technologies can guide you through the choices.

Let’s face it, hardware and software are constantly changing.  Microsoft, Intel, and other technology leaders are updating and streamlining their technology offering almost every day.  Do you want the latest version of Office 365, the fastest computers or the latest digital signage technology?

Of course you do But how do you know which server and data solution is best for your business now and into the future?  How do you make sure that all your software is correctly licensed and you are using the latest version?

Is a Cloud Solution right for your office? 

Maybe a hybrid Cloud/on-premise solution will work the best for data security yet still allow on-the-go access to vital documents?

Should you buy the new technology solution or should you rent it? 

Did you know that there is a Managed IT Solution financed to include the hardware, software & labour to get your office networked, printing and monitored for a known monthly fee?  Our solutions are scalable to allow for growth in your business, meaning you can easily add a printer or computer without having to start all over again.

At Brilliant Technologies in Cairns, we see ourselves as partners with our clients. 

We want to know what your pain points are, what can we do to help you grow your business and just as importantly, what do you need us to look after so you can get on with your business. 

Although it may seem that photocopiers, networks & computers are worlds apart, they now have much in common.  Each of our technicians has been trained in multiple areas so our clients both in and around Cairns have access to not only big city pricing with friendly local servicing, they are supported by every member of our team.

We have partnered with world leaders in print, computers & IT companies so you can be sure that our solutions include the latest products from industry leaders. Our partners include Acer, Asus, Canon, Cisco, Gigabyte, HP, Intel, Leading Edge Computers, Lenovo, Microsoft, Toshiba and TP-Link.

We have a large, family friendly showroom at 149 Mulgrave Road, so why not come in and ask how we can help you.